Private Sessions/Therapeutic Yoga This will give you access to all of Jessy's skills to yourself to help you achieve your goals. Meditation, mindfullness, strength training, private yoga or yoga therapy. This service is a one on one and hands on designed to improve range of motion and move the body in a more pure way. This is a service that can benefit those working to rehabilitate an injury or surgery and to manage an illness or disease. It can also greatly benefit active and healthy individuals to improve their performance at any sport, activity or just day to day life tasks. Jessy is inspired by people who want more.....lift more weight, do more fancy yoga poses and generally live more. She can help get you more. Imagine the possibility of a body without aches, clunks or pain! Questions? Click here for some common ones answered

Yogi Strong This class is a challenging blend of yoga and a fitness class. Expect to sweat and get a full body workout that leaves you invigorated and some gentle stretches to finish off

Relax and Stretch Yoga is a combination of  therapeutic and yin yoga. It is a slow moving and simple style class that provides a deep stretch to fascia and connective tissue to improve mobility and decrease pain. Yin postures are held between one and five minutes and focus mainly on the hips and spine. Therapeutic poses are more gentle moving to bring awareness and freedom to movement. Great to decrease stress, heal from injury and provide relaxation

Therapeutic Yoga is a gentle style of restorative yoga with focus on moving your joints only in their optimal, pain-free range of motion. This class is accessible to all with most postures lying down and props and modifications available. Expect to feel relaxed, gain range of motion, reduce stress and make a deep connection between your mind and body. Suitable for athletes, stressed out desk jockeys, injured people and generally anyone who wants in improve their well-being

FUNdamentals Yoga is Iyengar yoga. Use straps, blocks and bolsters to assist in form and alignment in this general style of yoga that focuses on accuracy. Improve your strength, flexibility and balance. The props make this style of yoga accessible to most students, minimize risk and maximize benefits

Align & Flow Yoga is Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa is an active style of yoga, where the movements flow with the breath. Build strength and endurance with this moving meditation. A challenging class for all levels

Gentle Yoga is a slow moving yoga class suitable for older adults, students working through injuries or anyone who requires a less exerting approach. Modifications, straps, blocks and bolsters tailor movements to the abilities of the students. Improve your range of motion and balance, with a focus on alignment and breath 

Personal Training is available at the fully equipped Bala studio, or at your location. Improve your health, increase your strength, tone up, lose weight or strengthen pre or post surgery in sessions that are designed to motivate you and keep you on track to meet your goals. These sessions can be purchased for individuals or small groups

Private Yoga is a great way to develop your own yoga routine designed for your body specifically. Work at a level that challenges you to achieve your personal goals. These sessions are suitable for beginners, students who need modifications or those looking to learn more advanced postures. Want to learn some yoga basics before coming to your first ever class or get individual tips on how to nail that pose you've been working on? These sessions can be purchased for individuals or small groups. Contact Jessy for info on having a class for your team, school or group on location